Monday, August 16, 2010

Back…and finally blogging!

DSC00917 I’m back! :-) So where have we been? Well, back in July we went on vacation for a week and a half to visit friends and family many states away. Once we arrived home my husband Jonathan went on a missions trip to Belize for a week. In that time the kids and I tried to get unpacked and back into the swing of things here at home…not that I really know yet what the “swing of things” is! Really, I keep thinking about forming more of a routine for our day. I know it would help us out. I know that when I have more of an idea of how our day will go and the activities and projects we will do that our days will go smoother. So why don’t I do this more consistently? I am just not sure! We just have not found our “swing of things” yet. We need to find our groove! And in these past few weeks that we have been back home, while I have wanted to write a blog post (or two or three), I have just done other things higher up on the priority list.

Though we have not consistently worked on our actual preschool curriculum since we’ve been back (another reason I haven’t blogged), we have done plenty of things that we can go right ahead and classify as preschool (which is why I actually DO have a lot to update about)! We have enjoyed some fun in the sun summer activities with friends, squeezing in some playdates and such before many of our friends start preschool at school. We of course have have been reading books and playing play dough…and really, just having a fun time playing together in our home!

DSC00773 DSC00791

And of course, JayBird turned play dough time into letter time. He loves forming letters our of everything and anything.

The main thing that JayBird has been doing lately is art! While traveling in the car on vacation something just clicked in JayBird’s brain and he began drawing all sorts of things! Where he used to just draw and paint a rainbow, he was then in the car on vacation with his dry erase board drawing pirate ships (lots of pirate ships!), and cars, and Noah’s Ark. Now he LOVES to draw! He took his new love into our home after vacation and just keeps on drawing. ..and cutting…and drawing some more. So fun to see! And now my house is adorned with artwork taped to the wall everywhere and my dining room floor is cluttered with markers and paper scraps. This new found love of drawing has taken away from his interest in reading…but that is coming back and will as he is ready to continue to learn to read.

I captured some of his drawings in the car with my cell phone…

More drawings done after vacation…

 DSC01037 DSC01039
These are of me doing yoga.  :-)  JayBird said the first drawing is the warrior pose and the other is my arms up in the air getting ready to stretch to the side.

Mommy, JellyBean, and JayBird on a sunny day.

A Beautiful Butterfly


Our Family said...

Hi!! I'm so glad you're back! I look forward to hearing more about your sweet family!! (We just started Little Hands to Heaven) with our Preschooler) Blessings,

~Into Their Hearts~ said...

Thanks for your comment Jessica! I am trying to get caught up on blog posts and then get it regularly going. So there is more to come! We are in the 3rd week now so I have more posts to come to get us caught up!