About Us

Hi! Thanks for checking out our blog! I'm mom to 4 year old JayBird and 1 year old JellyBean. As a Christian family, my husband and I are striving to instill godly wisdom and knowledge into their hearts. We have chosen to begin their life of learning by homeschooling. There are many benefits of home schooling that we are excited to take part in. Below are some of the benefits, but certainly not all. I am sure to see many more benefits and blessings through our journeys together. And while I am sure there will be challenges, I believe the benefits and blessings will far outweigh the challenges. Besides, challenges are a part of life. I can't think of anything worth pursuing that won't also have its challenges. And since God won't give us more than we can handle, I'm pretty sure we will be able to handle whatever comes our way! So here is a partial list of some of the blessings that I expect from home schooling:

Blessings of Home Schooling:
* being able to tailor curriculum to the needs of our children and how they learn best
* speeding up or slowing down in a particular area as needed
* providing individualized attention and instruction
* ability to dig deeper into subjects of interest
* learning not just at home, but in the world around us through daily life, regular outings, and field trips
* getting done in just a few hours what may take many more hours to do in a school classroom
* the opportunity to teach and train our own children
* really connecting Bible learning with other subjects for truly Bible-centered learning
* learning and growing together academically and spiritually as a family

About Me and My Other Half  
So now that you know some reasons why we would like to home school, you may still be wondering just who we are. Well, my husband is the communications pastor at our church and he also teaches a class or two for the church's high school. Our beginnings together started while we were both Resident Assistants while in college at Liberty University in Virginia. He has several religion/Biblical studies degrees (and as a lifelong learner, continues to work on more degrees) and I have degrees in psychology and counseling. After we became one in marriage, we stayed in Virginia for a few more years as he worked in ministry on the college campus. We moved shortly after JayBird was born. We now live near my husband's family and he ministers alongside his Dad, who is the lead pastor in our church. I often describe myself as a stay-at-home mom that does NOT stay at home. We are often out and about with mom's groups and our home preschool co-op, enjoying friends and engaging in various activities in our area. We are often at La Leche League meetings and events as well as I am a local LLL Leader. We sometimes keep a busy schedule, though I have enjoyed actually physically staying at home a little more these days.

About JayBird 
At 4 years old, JayBird enjoys playing, swimming, reading (being read to or "reading" by himself), practicing writing (his own self interest), and pretending. Every day all day long he is something, some sort of character, work role, or animal. He has quite the imagination! He also has a very fun loving personality as he continually entertains all of us through singing , dancing, or acting. "Mom! Let's act!" he often says. He is a great performer and loves to be on stage. He has been going up on stage after church services since he was a year old to pretend to preach like his Papa and sing like his Dad. It will be great fun to teach him as he loves to learn and has an amazing memory (just like his Dad!) Another common phrase of his is "Let's learn!" Yay! Let's go for it and learn together!!

About JellyBean
JellyBean is our blossoming toddler (born October 2008) who wants to be JUST like her brother, so much so that she even potty trained herself to be like him at just 17 months old. (At first, she even wanted to stand like him instead of sit! She really wants to be just like him.) She always gets right up there in the lime light with her big brother, singing alongside him to entertain us. And she doesn't miss a beat as he changes from character to character all day long. If he's a dinosaur, so is she. If he is a race car driver, so is she. If he is a fire-breathing dragon, so is she, right down to the soaring wings and fire-breathing noises. Right now, she also loves to play with her baby dolls. I can already see the innate nurturing side of her come out. I know our little JellyBean will have lots of fun with us as we do preschool with JayBird. She'll be right there with us as we sing songs with motions and act out our stories. I'm sure she'll even try to get in on some of the crafts. 

Thanks for getting to know us! I look forward to getting to know you as well as you read my blog and leave comments throughout!