Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1st Day of Co-op 2010!!


Today was our first day of the Love2Homeschool Co-op! Hmmm…not the best picture of both kids there, but we were in a rush to get “first day of co-op” pictures so we wouldn’t be late!

It seemed that JayBird had a great time! He is in the Kindergarten class. He did preschool with last year’s co-op and this year he is better suited for Kindergarten. I had to explain that one to him though since he is so used to calling himself a preschooler and he is still technically preschool age. JayBird enjoyed art and then learning about the sense of hearing. They had this awesome HUGE ear diagram that the kids got to look at, look through, and even crawl through. Yes…it was that big! When I passed by him while he was in line to explore the ear, he was happy to see me, excitedly saying “Hi Mommy!” like usual, though this time he didn’t run to me with his arms open wide as normal. I went over to him and he told me about the ear he was going to see…then I messed with his ears. He then turns to me and says “Okay Mom, you can go back and be with JellyBean now!” as he pushes me and ushers me away! Usually after not seeing me for a while, he would want me to stay with him or may want to come along with me. Well, apparently he has grown up in just a few hours of Kindergarten co-op and didn’t need/want me there with him anymore! My little guy is growing up!

JellyBean had fun playing during co-op time while the other moms and I planned just what we would be doing with our toddlers during that time. We have lots of fun gymboree inspired activities to do with them and at times they will join the preschoolers when the activity is age appropriate for them too.

More pictures quickly taken right before we left…

DSC01333 DSC01334

JellyBean was SO excited to have her very own backpack, At first, when I brought out JayBird’s, she exclaimed “Elmo!” I explained it was not hers but that I have one for her. She was very happy with her backpack saying “Mine!” and it is the perfect little size for her!

Just for fun, here is JayBird’s “First Day of Co-op” picture from last year, along with a random picture of JellyBean from that time last year as well. My how they have changed and grown up!!


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