Friday, June 25, 2010

First day of Little Hands to Heaven Preschool!

JayBird, with JellyBean alongside, enjoyed his first day of our preschool curriculum today. Yes…today…on a Friday. We decided to start our non-traditional schooling on a non-traditional day. We have that flexibility with homeschooling. Besides, it’s summertime. And it’s preschool. So we’re relaxed.

We are going through Heart of Dakota’s Little Hands to Heaven this year for preschool. You can read more about this on
Our Curriculum page. I’m very excited about all that JayBird will learn this year in all subjects through the use of Bible stories and activities. We are starting now, mid summer, because it is HOT! So we need some fun things to do indoors. And since JayBird is ready and eager to learn, and I too am ready to start Little Hands to Heaven with him, we are ready to start!

Little Hands to Heaven will teach us math, science, literature, art, and music as it takes us chronologically through the Bible. So of course on day 1, we learned about Creation and how God created everything. The kids enjoyed the finger play song focusing on the letter ‘A’ and roaming the room as different types of animals. I’ll have to take a video of that later! In learning about how God made everything from nothing, we turned off the lights and closed our eyes to exemplify nothing and then opened them again.Then, for the art project…painting! JayBird saw that this was coming from looking at the painting icon in our guide book. He loves to do art.
DSC00681 DSC00679 DSC00682
We drew with white crayon on white paper and used black paint to show that God made everything out of nothing! JayBird didn’t understand what we were doing at first, but as the first picture shows, he was excited when he realized he could see his tree, flower, sun, and grass through the dark paint. JellyBean, well she was much less impressed, but she enjoys doing everything that Big Brother does so she was sure to be right there with us.


Catherine said...

Your blog is SO cute! I'm a fellow HOD user too. It's so fun to see what other Moms are up to and how the Lord is blessing your family. I have a 4 yr old, 2 yr old, and one on the way, so it looks like we'll be doing a lot of the same things at the same time. Nice to "meet" you!


~Into Their Hearts~ said...

Hi Catherine! I love you blog too! And think I mentioned over on the HOD boards also that our kids are the same I'd be following YOU to get ideas for my almost 2 year old! :-)

Joy said...

I love it when I see new homeschool moms enjoying teaching their children! Looks like you all had a blast on the first day! Many blessings to you on this journey!

~Into Their Hearts~ said...

Joy - Thaks for your comment! I think JayBird must have had a he wakes up each morning and asks "Are we going to learn today?!" He is so excited about learning and about learning to read. It's so much fun and such a joy to see that in him!

Kylie said...

Hope you all have SO much fun learning together! :)

Meghan said...

LOVE this Catherine. Your blog is so cute and like I said earlier, I cannot wait to get to know you better.


Our Family said...

We use HOD too- hurray!! You are in for such a wonderful year!