Monday, July 5, 2010

Learning Room…or Play Room?

As I have mentioned before, JayBird and JellyBean really love the new learning room. They often bring toys from their bedroom into there, which is not what I intended, but is fine by me so long as we tidy up at the end. They also enjoy using the Tot School toys for open ended play fun. I try not to interrupt them during these times they are playing nicely together. Even if I have an activity or preschool oriented thing for them to do, I don't interrupt the sweet, and sometimes rare (but getting more common) times. I certainly won’t squelch their desire to play and have fun together…and maybe even learn a little something along the way (counting? colors? cooperation?)

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Joy said...

oh wow! to have either a learning room or a play room would be wonderful! Alas, we use out living room and kitchen mostly for learning. I try heard to keep toys in the bedrooms! LOL Notice I said try???

~Into Their Hearts~ said...

We decided to have the kids share a room so we could make the Learning Room. I got the idea from another homeschooling mom, who's blog I link to in my original Learning Room post. Her house is amazing...huge...and it has a room, center, or corner for EVERYTHING homeschool. My learning room idea, is just her own designated reading room. You may not want to go check it out, as it may just leave you wishing wishing wishing...and worse, coveting that which you can't have.

Like you, we still use our whole house too, but are very much enjoying our new Learning Room as well!

Joy, thanks for stopping by and for your comments!!

Catherine said...

So sweet! It's so nice when our little ones play well together isn't it? I never interrupt those moments either since they seem more rare than the squabbles that take place each day! Your learning room is so cute and fun. I can see why they'd want to be in there a lot!

Sara said...

I'm visiting from Robyn's Mingle Monday. I love your learning room idea. We added on to our house to have a playroom/learning room and it is definitely more playroom than anything else. But, we do have dedicated space and, well, play is learning too. Right?

Can't wait to spend more time checking out your site for more great homeschooling tips.

Saving for Someday

Michelle said...

Great room for your kids! I too have gotten on to not interupting or as I think of it rushing the day along to get to planned activities. I love to let them play and finish at what they are doing when I can.

Visiting from MM-