Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What’s In The Bible? 3

Whats-in-the-bible-3-212x300 Woohoo! I don’t enter a whole lot of contests, but this would be a fun and beneficial one to win! A Few Short Cuts is offering a give away for the video What’s In The Bible? 3. I’d love to have this for my kids! JayBird learns so quickly and remembers so much, that I already find myself looking for more to read, do, and see with him to enhance our Bible learning together. What a great addition this would be to our resources and video library, which right now only consists of Signing Time DVDs (thanks Mimi!), a couple of Veggie Tales DVDs (thanks Aunt Lisa and Aunt Laura!), and a couple of Praise Baby DVDs (thanks Freecycle!) As you can see, we just don’t put our money into videos. Though What’s In The Bible looks like a video series I would be happy to spend money on. But hey, if I can win won of their videos, even better! Check out A Few Short Cuts giveaway and video review with the link above and enter for your chance to win! (Oh, and yes, I get an entry for blogging this…thanks for reading!!)

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