Monday, September 13, 2010

Just doing their thing…

We finished up our week of learning about Abraham and God’s promises to Abraham, though I will detail this more after we finish our week learning about Isaac.


In the meantime, here are some random pictures of JayBird and JellyBean doing what they do best…playing! And of course, learning through that play!


Window Art




JayBird has always amazed me with his puzzles skills. He is definitely better and faster than me! This Noah’s Ark puzzle is a big circle, so no edges and corners, and there are no outlines to help know where to put the pieces in the circle. He also has this Melissa & Doug puzzle of the United States. It does have outlines on it but nonetheless, I would think it would be more difficult for him, yet he completes it in no time at all, maybe only getting frustrated when something isn’t fitting because he may have mixed up North and South Dakota.



Reading some beginner reading books online with Mom.


JellyBean playing her very own computer game for the very first time! She enjoyed playing this game from Fisher-Price. She simply had to touch any key on the keyboard and a new letter would appear along with a voice saying the letter name. At the end, you see and hear the entire alphabet. She loved it!


 DSC01450  DSC01452

Building the alphabet together





Finished….and acting crazy for the camera as usual.


DSC01462And here’s JellyBean copying what JayBird was doing with his “crazy arms” in the above picture.

And here is the final product of the ABC tower, along with song!


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Meg said...

Your kiddos are absolutely adorable!! It's hard for me to believe that the last time I saw you, your son was just an infant!!